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Boswellia serrata is also known as Indian frankincense, Indian oli-banum, Salai guggul and Sallaki in Sanskrit. It is native to India.It contains various derivatives of boswellic acid which includes β-boswellic... Read More

Blueberry are bush varieties plant, the blue color of berries define its name, mostly found in North America, belongs to genus Vaccinium, section Cyanococcus and corymbosum species. It contains anthocyanin,... Read More

Black pepper powder is generally used as a spice in the Indian dishes having a mildly sharp flavor that enhances the tastes of many dishes. The active constituents present in... Read More

Bittermelon is a herbaceous, tendril bearing vine, with alternate leaves and yellow flowers. The fruit is wartlike exterior and oblong shape. It is also known as karela, balsam pear, bitter... Read More

Shop our Bifidobacterium Lactis Powder most affordable Price in bulk, Visit us to know more.Product Type: Raw Material/Extract Product Category: Dietary Ingredients Product Sub Category: Probiotics Product Mix Category: Conventional... Read More

Bifidobacterium breve is a bacteria from the Bifidobacterium genus species. It is a gram-positive bacteria with a rod of different shapes and is generally clubbed or curved, non-spore forming and... Read More

Barley grass is one among the inexperienced grasses. actuality virtue of barley is found within the leaves; the young inexperienced shoots of power that seem before the grain. massive amounts... Read More

Banana is a tropical evergreen plant belongs to family Musaceae, having elongated edible fruit grow in cluster hanging from the top of the plant, eaten raw and ripe aswell. It... Read More

Bamboo otherwise called as Phyllostachys edulis, native to East Asia like Japan China, etc. Bamboo shoot is highly pursue due to their crisp texture and sweet taste. It contains high... Read More

Bamboo plant comes from grass family and people even eat it as a vegetable. Bamboos are usually filled with vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, and many other nutrients. These are low... Read More