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Wholesale Opal Rings jewellery manufacturer in Jaipur

‘Upala’ a Sanskrit word which means ‘most valuable stone’. It is believed that the opal gemstone has got its name from this same word. This gem is associated with wealth,... Read More

Opal bracelets jewellery manufacturer in Jaipur

Opal is a precious and beautiful gemstone. These days these gemstones are majorly used in jewellery. You can find a huge variety of this jewellery in the market. In that... Read More

Opal pendants jewellery manufacturer in Jaipur

Opal gemstone belongs to the family of silicate mineral. It is well-known for showing different colours. This property of this gem is called ‘Fire Effect’. This is considered as the... Read More

Opal earrings jewellery manufacturer in Jaipur

Opal is birth stone for the October born. It is also considered beneficial for the person who has taken birth under Libra and Taurus sunsign. It is also believed and... Read More

Opal cuffs jewellery manufacturer in Jaipur

Opal is considered as a substitute of diamond and recognised as an astrologically beneficial gemstone. This gem not only benefits you astrologically but it possesses physical healing properties, emotional healing... Read More

Wholesale opal necklaces jewelry manufacturer in Jaipur

Andamooka Opal is one of the prominent and desired Opals. It has gained popularity across the world and got a place in Queen’s jewellery collection as well. You can also... Read More

Wholesale Mother Of Pearl Gemstone Jewelry Shopping Store in Jaipur

Mother of pearl gemstone is a nacreous inner shell having a coating of pearl which produces molluscs. Such creatures have three layers, the first most or the outermost layer ie periostracum,... Read More

Mother Of Pearl Meaning, Physical And Healing Properties

Nacre, otherwise popularly known as the ‘Mother of Pearl’ is a material used widely in designing jewelry. Long gone are the days where people used emerald and Ruby as the... Read More

Wholesale Mookaite Jasper Gemstone Jewelry Shopping Store in Jaipur

Mookaite Jasper Gemstone is known as Jasper of Australia. It is a combination of red and yellow colours and energies. It helps in increasing life force in one physical body. Carries... Read More

Mookaite Jasper Jewelry Manufacturing Company In India

People prefer using some stone-embedded jewels for their beauty. With many gemstones available in the market, they selected them for their spiritual and medicinal properties. So whether it is for... Read More