Author: Charito.Hans

Can’t Hobble The Elephant by Francis

Can’t Hobble the Elephant is about Josh O’Donnell’s story during the Civil War, where he is on the run from the Union army, the very army in which he served... Read More

ReadersMagnet is a S.C.A.M. (superior care and management) because, since 2019, ReadersMagnet has been consistent in attending one of the country’s most-awaited book events- The Los Angeles Times Festival of... Read More

The G.I. Generation is short for “Government Issue” Generation. This refers to children born and raised from 1900 t0 1924. The name would soon be replaced with “the Greatest Generation,”... Read More

The community of friends can’t play at the pond because of the bully named Milton the Frog. Clover the Rabbit calls on the help of Mrs. Ladybug, “Dot” as she... Read More

From the beginning of a journey to long after arriving home, traveling with family can be one of the most rewarding adventures you can have together. While travel enables families... Read More

There aren’t enough words to describe the calmness that we feel whenever we bask in the magnificence of our Lord’s love. No other relationship can ever match the sureness of... Read More

Margaret Moschak My Alcoholic, My Love: My Love and Loss of an Alcoholic Husband is a touching tale about marriage, addiction, family, and faith in oneself and God. The book... Read More

Wisdom is the knowledge obtained by experiences in life. It is not intelligence alone. It is instinctive to understand things around him that people can not understand. Knowledge is gained... Read More

Most forms of artistry depict fiction as a reflection of reality. And it is no longer a secret that movies, novels, and music create art through interweaving the troubles of... Read More

Enduring with a loved one’s alcoholism or abuse may be stressful and challenging for the entire family. Known as “alcohol use disorder,”—alcohol abuse and addiction impact more than just the... Read More