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Asset Management Thinking On Buying And Using A Software

Asset Management Thinking On Buying And Using A Software

Submitted by • July 28, 2020

But it’s really important to understand that software is not asset management. It is a tool to help you do your asset management thinking, but it is not one and the same.
Yes, I think we all love that. It makes our job a whole lot easier but the computers, even with artificial intelligence, they are not going to replace you.
And think that through before you go down this path. And you shouldn’t have the idea that right away, right at the beginning if I’m going to do asset management, I have to buy something.

You want to work your way into that by looking at:
What are you going to get out of the software?
What are those outputs you want out?
What inputs would you have to have to get that out?
Could you even do that?
Do you have the people, the data, the resources to do that?
What is the money you have available to do this because almost every piece of software is going to cost you something?

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