Appranix ServiceFormation Platform | WBC Software Lab Consulting

WBC partnered with Appranix to launch its cloud app operations using Appranix ServiceFormation cloud platform as an enabler for Cloud service provider (CSP), Managed application service provider (MSP), Application service provider (ASP).
This platform helps DevOps / Appops engineers to do their job on a single platform when managing multiple clouds Vs. AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, Oracle and much more.
This platform can be used by an IT / Non-IT enterprise / medium / small and even startups can get benefit out of it.

Get to market faster by continuously optimizing your application cloud infrastructure from monitoring, costs, performance, and availability data.
Remove your technical debt and modernize your data center based on AWS/Azure/Oracle/Google cloud platforms.
Get to market faster by releasing applications faster with compliance and security.

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