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Animal Feed Supplements | Poultry Feed Supplements

Animal Feed Supplements | Poultry Feed Supplements

Submitted by • May 12, 2020

A feed additive is usually an animal feed supplement that ensures that the animals can get sufficient nutrients from the meal they intake and these feed additives could include vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, and minerals.

Vinayak was established in 1992 in India, are manufacturers of specialized Feed Additives / Feed Supplements and provide turnkey solutions to the livestock production industry. Our feed additives range includes a range of eco-sustainable and customer-oriented solutions unique to us that help improve profitability of our customer. The core principles that run through the organization are based on providing our customers with optimum solutions tailor-made to their requirements. Our customers include poultry farms, feed millers, cattle farms, swine/pig farms, Aqua industry and other agricultural livestock related business.

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