Analog Coin is type of cryptographic currency produal in INRX Blockchain by using EPOS mechanism.

Analog is the native cryptocurrency of INRX blockchain and the symbol of Analog is ANA, it is the cryptocurrency needed to use the INRX platform and its products. Total supply of Analog coin is 3 billion, in which 40% of the total supply will be in distribution and 60% will be in allocation.
The initial price of Analog (ANA) coin is 2.174 INR / 0.03 USD / 2.415 INRX. The first phase of Analog coin offering is called inceptive. In the inceptive phase total 180 million coin will be available to purchase, which is 15% of the total distribution (40 % of the Total supply). Inceptive phase has total 9 pool, each pool has its own range of coin and growth rate.
The company focusing on security and the personnel is indicative of this. Like other cryptocurrencies, as it is a decentralised network there is a large onus on the individual to be smart when it comes to looking after their tokens. With regards to the network as a whole, it has yet to suffer a security scandal.
So, how does ANA work?
In short, developers must pay in ANA to build applications and smart contracts on the Inrx blockchain platform, and users have to pay in ANA to run them. The purpose of ANA, is to allow for the existence of a market for computation. Such a market provides an economic incentive for participants to verify/execute transaction requests and to provide computational resources to the network.
Any participant who broadcasts a transaction request must also offer some amount of ANA to the network, as a bounty to be awarded to whoever eventually does the work of verifying the transaction, executing it, committing it to the blockchain, and broadcasting it to the network.
ANA is on system that has 3 Node Type
Inrx Network:
● Collective Nodes
● Full Nodes
● Solidity Nodes
Collective Nodes – Collective will be responsive for producing blocks for the network. Collective will also be a member of DEO Community.

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