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Aluminate Cement Supply

Aluminate Cement Supply

Submitted by • May 14, 2020

High Quality Aluminate Cement Advantage:
1. Aluminate cement has heat concentration. The heat of hydration released is 70% ~ 80% of the total amount, which makes the internal temperature of concrete rise higher. Even under -10℃ construction, aluminate cement can soon set and harden, which can be used in winter construction projects.
2. It in the ordinary hardening conditions, because the cement stone does not contain calcium aluminate and calcium hydroxide, and the compactness is larger, so it has a strong resistance to sulfate corrosion.
3. Aluminate cement has high heat resistance. Such as the use of refractory coarse and fine aggregate (such as chromite, etc.) can be made of the use of temperature up to 1300 ~ 1400℃ heat-resistant concrete.
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