6 benefits of extracurricular activities

Mrs Malhotra and her friend Pummy was out for an evening walk, socially distanced and happened to discuss best extracurricular activities for their children. The conversation was interrupted by Mr Sharma who happens to pass by and boasted about how his son had come first in the class, again, despite everything going digital and online. He had enrolled his son on two new coaching classes and questioned Mrs Malhotra for enrolling Ahaana for the online creative writing course. The sun was about to set, the milkman had just delivered some milk packets and this led to quite an eventful evening between the three parents talking about the benefits of extracurricular activities for kids over chai.

Mrs Malhotra explained to Mr Sharma that extracurricular activities can be defined as those activities that fall outside the scope of the regular curriculum of schools and many schools make it mandatory for students to spend a stipulated amount of time on extracurricular activities since it helps in deepening a child’s social and intellectual growth. Some consider extracurricular activities for kids as a mere perfunctory task which they can add to their resumes, but their significance is way beyond their placement in resumes and CVs and it was very vital to understand the benefits of extracurricular activities.

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