51% increase in pharmacy closure since last January-April: PM quizzed in the parliament

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, during today’s (15th May ) Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs), reiterated his commitment to supporting community pharmacies amidst
growing concerns over pharmacy closures.

Addressing questions regarding the Pharmacy First initiative, Sunak assured the House of Commons of his dedication to bolstering resources for these vital healthcare

In response to a query raised by Member of Parliament, St Ives MP Derek Thomas, citing statistics from the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) about “committing to
directing funds towards Community Pharmacy to alleviate financial pressure and prevent closures, Sunak remarked that he “cares deeply about the future of community

Sunak acknowledged the indispensable role played by community pharmacists in alleviating pressure on urgent care services, emphasising the importance of initiatives
like Pharmacy First in government’s commitment to supporting community pharmacies.

“There are over 10 and a half Community pharmacies across the country working incredibly hard to serve their patients,” Sunak said praising the community pharmacists
and highlighted the concerning trend of pharmacy closures, citing a significant increase compared to the previous year.