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4 Reasons Why LED Pole Lights Are Ideal For Street Lighting

4 Reasons Why LED Pole Lights Are Ideal For Street Lighting

Submitted by • November 26, 2018

LED Pole lights are the lighting devices that can be mounted to a pole, wall or on the ground with a sidearm, wall bracket, slip fitter, trunnion mount or yoke mount. These lights are found in a variety of places like parking lots, parking garages, service stations, pathways and parks and many more. LED pole lights offer quality illumination along with major savings in energy consumption and require low maintenance. These lights do not shift color when dimmed. LED technology on the roadway improves various factors such as driver safety, reduces light pollution and operating costs. Let’s discuss in detail that why LED Pole lights are ideal for street lighting.

• Energy Saving -LED smart technology can contribute to better utilization of energy and generate huge savings. LED lights are 80%-90% more efficient than other conventional lights. Switching to LED Pole light for street lighting can substantially reduce global energy consumptions as well as carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

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