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It is not me, it is you - principleskills It is not me, it is you - principleskills view story

NEWS— (— Defensiveness may be something we learned growing up and can be habit-forming. It ends up being an effective way of avoiding problems rather than man   More… (Markets)

Defensiveness is Offensive Defensiveness is Offensive view story

NEWS— (— Whichever direction it takes, Defensiveness is a way of shifting the focus away from addressing the problem or complaint; Defensiveness shifts focus   More… (Markets)

Dr. Nitin Khanna - Dietitian in Portland, Oregon Dr. Nitin Khanna - Dietitian in Portland, Oregon view story

NEWS— (— Dr. Nitin Khanna is one of the most well known dietitian in Portland, Oregon. He holds 100% record in curing diabetes with his diet plans.   More… (Finance)

Are you a beauty or a beast in your Relationship? Are you a beauty or a beast in your Relationship? view story

NEWS— (— We studied 3,000+ couples for decades to develop the ultimate guide to elevating your relationship to a happier, healthier place. See whether you are   More… (Markets)

Elements of a True Apology - principleskills Elements of a True Apology - principleskills view story

NEWS— (— When you apologize, your partner is wondering at some level something along the lines of: “If I forgive you, will you just take that as permission to   More… (Markets)

A Proper and Meaningful Way to Say I am Sorry A Proper and Meaningful Way to Say I am Sorry view story

NEWS— (— Actively show you are willing to expend your time and energy to make things better for your spouse. If you don’t know how, ask your partner: “What ca   More… (Markets)

Partner Council Meetings Strengthen Your Union Partner Council Meetings Strengthen Your Union view story

NEWS— (— A council held regularly will help us spot family problems early and nip them in the bud; they will give each family member a feeling of worth and im   More… (Markets)

The Pain of Mistrust in Relationships The Pain of Mistrust in Relationships view story

NEWS— (— Trust is a characteristic that is built slowly over time when partners are consistently attuned to each other, meaning they respond to one another's   More… (International)