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Taking Care Of House Plant During Winter Season

Taking Care Of House Plant During Winter Season

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Whether you are buying or leasing your indoor plants you need to take care and give proper maintenance of your indoor plants.

Your interior landscaping needs to take more care in winter here is how:

1. The days are shorter. Even houseplants know this, so they slow down. Since they slow down your indoor plant maintenance needs to adjust. Indoor plants will need less water. That doesn’t mean less water per time, instead, water less often. For instance, if you are in the habit of watering once a week, think more in terms of every ten days. The same amount of water, less often.

2. The days/nights are colder. Houseplants, since most are from tropical or semi-tropical regions of the globe, need to be protected. If they are out on a screened porch, for instance, good indoor plant maintenance should cause you to bring them into the hous

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