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Graph of Algebraic Functions Graph of Algebraic Functions view story

NEWS— (http://algebra1-help.posterous.com)— A function f(x) which satisfies the condition p(x,y) = 0, where p(x,y) is a polynomial in x and y with integer coefficients. A function which is not   More… (Weather News)

Algebra of parallel lines Algebra  of parallel lines view story

NEWS— (http://mathsuccesssecret.blogspot.in)— The two distinct lines have a common point, then the lines are called intersecting lines. If the two distinct lines in a plane have no point in commo   More… (Weather News)

Cloudburst in Uttarakhand, 20 confirmed dead Cloudburst in Uttarakhand, 20 confirmed dead view story

NEWS— (http://7tab.in)— Cloudburst, struck Ukhimath area of Uttarakhand’s Rudraprayag district today which took like of at least 20 people and 20-25 people found missing. Mo   More… (Weather News)

Funny Friendship Quotes and Poems Funny Friendship Quotes and Poems view story

NEWS— (http://worldofpoem.com)— Blessed are those who suffer persecution for living righteously, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when men revile you, and persec   More… (Weather News)

Love Poems - Key To My Heart Love Poems - Key To My Heart view story

NEWS— (http://lovepoemsforher72.wetpaint.com)— I had closed the door upon my heart
and wouldn't let anyone in
I had trusted and loved only to be hurt
but that would never happen again
I locke
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Cell freezing | cell freezing protocols Cell freezing | cell freezing protocols view story

NEWS— (http://cellfreezing.org)— Freeze the cell aliquots in a controlled manner by decreasing the temperature by 1°C per minute down to at least to -80°C (recommendation: use a manu   More… (Weather News)

permutation calculator permutation calculator view story

NEWS— (http://calculator.tutorvista.com)— Permutation Calculator is an online tool to find permutation of the given data. It is a tool which makes calculations easy and fun. If value of n and   More… (Weather News)

matrix multiplication calculator matrix multiplication calculator view story

NEWS— (http://calculator.tutorvista.com)— Matrix Multiplication Calculator is an online tool to calculate multiplication of two (2 × 2)matrices. It is a tool which makes calculations easy and   More… (Weather News)